Statistics from the Transport Research Forum Project:

Venue:   Tugela Plaza (N3) – Northbound lanes only

The aim of the project was to identify the percentage of Class 4 vehicles (Heavy vehicles) that were deemed to have illegal or inadequate visibility components. Specifically, the items focused upon, were front headlights, rear taillights, Hi Viz tape on sides and rear, rear chevron plate and possession of at least one warning triangle.

The exercise started at 18:00 on Thursday 7th, and closed at 01:45 on Friday 8th.

During this period, 124 Class 4 vehicles were identified with defective visibility components. A total of 1074 Class 4 vehicles moved through the Tugela Plaza in a northern direction in the same time span. No vehicles were seen to have either illegal High Viz applications, or an illegal or lack of rear chevron plates.

This equates to 11,55% of the total number of  heavy trucks that passed through the Tugela toll Plaza that had defective lights.

Of the 124 heavy vehicles that were stopped for defective lights, only 6 were able to repair the lights to an acceptable operational status.7 of the heavy trucks that were stopped for defective lights, were observed arriving at the Tugela toll Plaza with emergency flashers operating as their rear tail lights were inoperable. This appears to be an acceptable option to some drivers.

Of the 124 vehicles that were stopped, 91 were confirmed to have warning triangles on board. This equates to 73,39% of heavy trucks that were stopped, having a warning triangle.

Report compiled by:

Philip Hull

Director – Transport Research Forum (A forum of the Road Safety Foundation)