Road safety messages have historically been of a prescriptive nature, and as we have researched the psychology around road safety communications, it has become apparent that we, as South Africans generally do not like being told what to do. If we think of the previous Arrive Alive campaigns, the instructive messages of ‘Buckle Up, Don’t Drink and Drive, Don’t speed’ etc , had very little effect on driver behavior. We believe a more personal and intimate communication is necessary to make a difference, thinking of what would be the impact to loved ones left behind as an example. We, as the Road Safety Foundation, do have a number of ideas, many of which come from successful initiatives in other countries, however these initiatives are not always guaranteed to have the same effect in another location. So we believe that a conversation needs to take place, a platform where ideas and thoughts can be made public and we as road users can respond.

So, please feel free to submit ideas or thoughts on any road safety focus and likewise feel free to comment on other comments that may have been published. The more effective this conversation becomes, the more people are thinking about road safety and how to improve the methods of communication.

We look forward to your interactions.”

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